YOSVITA™- NUTRISHAKE is a scientifically formulated, delicious nutritional drink with clinically researched ingredients to help support daily immunity, digestive & cognitive health for whole family.
The product is enriched with 37 nutrients with quality protein, high in good fats (MCT)/omega 3 fatty acids (DHA), high dietary fibre/prebiotics, 13 vitamins, 14 essential minerals, baker’s yeast beta glucan, bioavailable 95% turmeric extract, bioavailable full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract, probiotics & natural vitamin E.

All-in-one Nutrishake
HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN-Whey protein & casein Equivalent to protein present in a medium sized egg*
HIGH IN DIETARY FIBRE/PREBIOTICS-Soluble corn fibre Equivalent to soluble fibre present in a cup of oatmeal*
GOOD FATS-Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) Higher concentration of healthy fats than 2 teaspoons of ghee*
HIGH IN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS- Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) Vegan source with more DHA than a shrimp*
15% of daily requirement*
More calcium than 4 boiled eggs*
More iron than 50 grams of spinach*
More zinc than a handful of almonds*
100% natural yeast beta-glucan,
Clinically proven ingredient to help strengthen immune system
World’s most researched curcumin extract,
700% more potent than regular 95% turmeric.
For immune & joint health
Full-spectrum, highly bioavailable root extract
For cognition, stress & overall health
PROBIOTICS- Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2
1 billion live probiotic cells/serving*
For immunity & digestion
Natural Vitamin E
Govt. approved NABL accredited lab tested for quality & consistency

YOSVITA™- NUTRISHAKE is powered by clinically researched ingredients & vital nutrients which to support

IMMUNITY With 21 IMMUNO-NUTRIENTS YOSVITA™- NUTRISHAKE helps boosting immunity by working at a cellular level to support the function of immune cells so they work harder to protect you. It is packed with a unique proprietary blend of most potent immunonutrients backed up by strong science.

Wellmune® is a 100% natural yeast beta glucan derived from a highly purified proprietary strain of beta 1,3/1,6 glucan (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) from baker’s yeast supported by more than USD 350 million in research & development.

It is safe for everyday consumption, clinically proven to help strengthen our immune system & helps to promote healthy energy levels & mental clarity.

YOSVITA™ with Wellmune® beta glucan will keep the innate immune system active & primed, helping to kill pathogens that attack our body.

Click here to learn more about the mechanism of action.


BCM-95® bio-available curcumin
Turmeric has a 4000 years long history of medicinal use in Ayurveda. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has most powerful anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties.

YOSVITA™ is enriched with BCM-95® curcumin which is world’s most researched bio-available curcumin backed by 68 clinical studies worldwide. It is 700% more potent than regular 95% turmeric. It’s proven to deliver 10x more curcumin into the blood stream than regular curcumin extracts & remains active for over 8 hours. Curcumin is a powerful immunity enhancer that helps our body to strengthen its own defence mechanism naturally, protecting from minor infections to serious diseases. It also supports-

  • Joint health
  • Cognitive health
  • Liver support
  • Urinary support
  • Mood & stress support
  • Healthy inflammatory response


Other Immuno-nutrients in YOSVITA:

  • Vitamin A, C, D, E, B2, B6, B12, B9
  • ZINC
  • IRON
  • OMEGA 3
  • MCT

DIGESTION YOSVITA™- NUTRISHAKE has a synergistic blend of probiotics & prebiotics that beneficially affects the host by improving the survival and activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut & thereby improves gastrointestinal health.

It helps maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria & other microorganisms, which supports the gut & aids digestion.

With 9 nutrients that support gut health

Probiotic- Bacillus cogulans
Probiotics are live “good” microbes that, when ingested in adequate amounts can provide numerous health benefits. Probiotics are present in our digestive tract. It helps in maintaining our gut health and the natural balance of the microflora in the intestine. A large majority of the body’s immune system (70%) is located within the intestines. So a healthy gut can promote a healthy immune system. Probiotics can normalize gastrointestinal microflora & helps reduce occasional digestive upsets like diarrhoea, abdominal gas and bloating* YOSVITA™ contains Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2, which is a safe, natural & stable probiotic, which helps in

  • Everyday gut & digestion support
  • Digestive comfort & immune defences
  • Antibiotic support & recovery
  • Reducing abdominal gas, bloating or flatulence


Prebiotic- Soluble corn fibre
Prebiotic is a food for probiotics. Prebiotics are a type of carbs, mostly dietary fibres, when consumed, pass through the small intestine into the large intestine where they may be partially or completely fermented by colonic microbes. They promote the growth of beneficial bacteria while limiting the growth of less desirable bacteria.

YOSVITA™ contains soluble corn fibre as a prebiotic. Soluble corn fibre acts as both a prebiotic fibre as well as a soluble fibre in your digestive tract. This has led researchers to validate effectiveness & demonstrate physiological health benefits of soluble corn fibre, including-

  • Promotes digestive health by its prebiotic properties
  • Promotes healthy laxation.
  • May assist with healthy weight management by providing minimal calories
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels by decreasing postprandial glycaemic response
  • May support bone health by increasing calcium absorption and bone calcium retention


Other nutrients which supports digestion:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • ZINC
  • IRON
  • MCT

MEMORY & FOCUS YOSVITA™- NUTRISHAKE comprises of brain booster blend that stabilizes mood, improves memory, focus & concentration.
It helps enhancing memory, learning & focus; helps reducing stress, anxiety, cortisol levels.
13 nutrients to support memory, focus & mental health

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogenic herb used for centuries in Ayurveda. Ashwagandha promotes balance in the body. As an adaptogenic herb it helps the body to successfully adapt to stressful conditions as it increases resistance to psychological & physiological stress. It promotes overall vitality.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha is regarded as World’s Best Ashwagandha, as it’s a highly concentrated, organic, most bioavailable full-spectrum root extract with over 10 years of clinical research and development. It has largest pool of research & clinical studies with 24 studies, followed by ‘Gold standard’: Double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized studies.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to:

  • Help reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings*
  • Help promote enhanced memory and cognitive function*
  • Help promote endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate*
  • Help enhance testosterone & increases fertility in men*


Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA)
Omega-3 fatty acids are a key polyunsaturated fats that are important for normal cell function & protective against inflammation-related health conditions. Especially, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a long chain omega-3 fatty acid that is abundantly found in the brain & eye.

From long time, fish or other marine sources were used as a source of DHA & thus unsuitable for vegetarians. YOSVITA™ uses a pure, premium algal DHA that can effectively ensure vegetarians get the wide range of health benefits of DHA.

Research confirms that DHA plays a crucial role in all stages of life. From the last trimester of pregnancy to early childhood, it is essential in brain development. For adults, it helps improve cardiovascular health & reduces the risk of other metabolic diseases. Studies have shown that having a DHA supplementation may prevent mild cognitive decline & dementia.

Benefits of DHA:

  • DHA is essential for the development of the retina, brain & the neural system.
  • DHA helps to prevent mild cognitive decline & dementia.
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels & thus contributes to the normal function of the heart.

Other nutrients that supports memory & focus:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • ZINC
  • IRON
  • MCT
YOSVITA™ NUTRISHAKE (Kesar Badam flavour)
Nutrition Facts (Approx Values)
Serving Size: 2 heaped scoops
(20 g)
Amount Per 100ml
Calories 79 KCal
per 100 g %DV* per serving
Total Fat 2 g 4%
Saturated fat 1.84 g **
Mono unsaturated fat 0.04 g **
Poly unsaturated fat 0.03 g **
Omega-3 (DHA) 20 mg **
Transfat 0 g **
Total Carbohydrates 11.56 g 4%
Total Sugars 8.1 g **
Includes 4 g Added Sugars (Fructose) **
Dietary fibre 1.4 g 4%
Protein 4.2 g 7%
Sodium 76 mg 4%
Potassium 48 mg 1%
Magnesium 17 mg 5%
Calcium 126 mg 16%
Phosphorus 18 mg 3%
Zinc 1.2 mg 10%
Iron 1.5 mg 9%
Iodine 10 mcg 7%
Manganese 0.1 mg 3%
Copper 0.05 mg 3%
Chromium 2 mcg 4%
Selenium 2 mcg 5%
Molybdenum 2 mcg 4%
Chloride 92 mg 5%
Vitamin A 300 mcg 15%
Vitamin B1 0.26 mg 18%
Vitamin B2 0.26 mg 18%
Vitamin B3 2.7 mg 17%
Vitamin B5 0.75 mg 15%
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg 15%
Biotin 4.5 mcg 15%
Potassium 30 mg 3%
Folic Acid 30 mcg 15%
Vitamin B12 0.15 mcg 15%
Vitamin C 6 mg 15%
Vitamin D 60 IU 15%
Vitamin E 1.2 mg 15%
Vitamin K 8.3 mcg 15%
BCM-95® Bio-available turmeric extract (95% curcuminoids complex)- 100 mg **
KSM-66® Ashwagandha root extract (5% Withanolides)- 200 mg **
Baker's yeast β-Glucan 1,3/1,6- Wellmune®- 100 mg **
Bacillus coagulans Unique IS2- (Probiotics)- 1 billion CFU **

*% Daily value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. % DV according to ICMR/WHO guidelines.
**indicates Daily value (DV) not established.

YOSVITA™ - Nutrishake
How To Use?

For children 3-12 years: Serving size- 1 heaped scoop or 10 g, once a day.

  • Add 80-90 ml lukewarm water/milk
  • Add 1 heaped scoop (10 g) of YOSVITA
  • Mix well & enjoy.

For adults & children over 12 years: Serving size- 2 heaped scoops or 20 g, twice a day.

  1. Add 160-180 ml lukewarm water/milk
  2. Add 2 heaped scoops (20 g) of YOSVITA
  3. Mix well & enjoy.
YOSVITA™ - Nutrishake
Frequently Asked Questions
GOOD FATS-Medium chain triglycerides (MCT)
HIGH IN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS- Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
WELLMUNE® Beta glucan
PROBIOTICS- Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2
Natural Vitamin E
YOSVITA™- Nutrishake is powered by clinically researched ingredients & vital nutrients to support
Immunity: Helps to enhance body’s natural immunity & to increase resistance to pathogens that causes infections.
Digestion: Helps maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria & other microorganisms, which supports the gut & aids digestion.
Memory & focus: Helps enhancing memory, learning & focus.
Antistress: Helps reducing stress, anxiety, cortisol levels.
Muscle health: Helps increasing endurance, strength, muscle size & muscle recovery rate.
Bone & joint health: Helps supporting healthy bone & joint health.
Cardiac health: Helps improving cardiovascular health.
For children 3-12 years: Serving size- 1 heaped scoop or 10 g, once a day.
1. Add 80-90 ml lukewarm water/milk
2. Add 1 heaped scoop (10 g) of YOSVITA
3. Mix well & enjoy.
For adults & children over 12 years: Serving size- 2 heaped scoops or 20 g, twice a day.
1. Add 160-180 ml lukewarm water/milk
2. Add 2 heaped scoops (20 g) of YOSVITA
3. Mix well & enjoy.
Consume with a meal or in between meals or as suggested by health care professionals.
All ages above 3. It’s not recommended for people with galactosemia & lactose intolerance.
Pregnant & nursing mothers should consult their physician before taking the product.
Safe for diabetic people.
Contains milk & soya derivative, avoid if you are allergic to these.
Store in a cool & dry place. Once seal is opened, consume within 3 weeks. Keep the prepared beverage in the refrigerator if not consumed immediately & use within 24 hours. After use, close the jar tightly.
Of course yes, YOSVITA Nutrishake has been designed for daily consumption. All the nutrients are based on RDA recommended by ICMR.
Each serving of YOSVITA Nutrishake (20 g) will have 100 mg of active curcumin. Studies have shown that doses of up to 12 g per day of curcumin are safe, tolerable & non-toxic.
Nutritious & Delicious Nutrishake
Diabetic Friendly

Product Reviews

Yosvita Nutrishake is tasty & nutritious. This product has all the vital nutrients that an individual should receive on a daily basis. I strongly recommend this product to all those whose goal is good health & healthy living. Best thing is its diabetic friendly.
Amazon customer
Yosvita Nutrishake is very tasty & nutritious. It is packed with clinically proven immune boosting ingredients which are really beneficial. Also it has proven digestive & brain health ingredients which are an added benefit. I am giving this review after using for 10 days. It is really beneficial. I would recommend this Nutrishake to everyone at family. Best thing its diabetic friendly so even elders can have this.
Amazon customer
I have had many nutrition shakes available in India. I particularly liked Yosvita Nutrishake because it tastes amazing in both water or milk, has decent protein content & some really reputed functional ingredients like Curcumin & Wellmune Beta glucan for improved immune support. Great product for entire family. Highly recommended!
Aanchal Kumar
Flipkart customer
Yosvita Nutrishake is very healthy product. Increases immunity & digestive performance. Tastes best with milk. It is a good product for all age groups. Scientifically formulated for complete family nutrition.
Amazon customer
Yosvita Nutrishake is a nice product. Tastes really nice with milk. Much recommended. Thank you Avid Nutrilabs.
Amazon customer
It really doesn’t get better than this! Yosvita Nutrishake has so many proven ingredients for proven benefits! Great product with delicious taste. I brought this product after seeing that it helps Immunity/ Memory & focus. I am a student, I cant afford to buy too many supplements. I always wanted an all in one supplement which can fulfill my complete daily nutrition needs. Yosvita Nutrishake is such kind of product, which has got everything. Very good product guys, I recommend this to anyone who wants to eat healthy & be healthy!
Flipkart customer
This product is gold, not only you get the protein & nutrient requirements met but also the probiotics & anti-inflammatory properties make it an all-rounder. I could see difference in my skin as well & the best part is it tastes great inspite of being sugarless compared to other sugarless products.
Amazon customer
I took Yosvita Nutrishake with milk & really like the taste of drink. The flavour of Kesar badam with the full of nutrients & immunity boosters gives me a new healthy & tasty drinking habbit. Thank you for this product.
Flipkart customer
Bringing a good sign in my family health & helping to boost the immunity. I could see the difference in my child after having it for 15 days. It’s a worthy product & helps everyone to boost the immunity & digestion.
Amazon customer
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